Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the fish

I thought it best to show these guys, and fast, as one of them is now dearly departed. See the little trees, flora if you will, in that last photo? Well, one fish yesterday "was stuck in the trees and looking a little speckled" as Olivia put it. The worst part of that is that we have them in our dining room, where we have dinner. That pretty much killed her appetite (ha ha!) and she had to return to the kitchen. I suffered looking straight ahead at that tank, knowing what it held.
Anyway, you can see the sheer joy these fish have brought my otherwise pet-less children. It is a sad commentary really. Dave took them on Monday for a sucker fish, which he is gingerly dumping in the tank, and some food which amounted to $18. Add that to the long list of reasons we don't have a real pet, like say, a dog.
Dave is the one who outright forbid a furry pet for their Birthdays in July. I think I accused him of having no heart, as he is the more pet friendly of the two of us. His reason? He just did not want another thing to take care of (pool, yard, people etc). I accepted that (sort of) and moved on declaring that owning a pet was going to have to be a family decision. Still, I was holding a small grudge.
And then the fish died and I knew with all my being, I could not collect it's stinky carcass and dispose of it...he would have to. And he did. And now I understand the pet ban.
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