Monday, August 20, 2007

time flies

The weekend just whizzed by me! We made two appearances at my daugther's school's church festival and now own 3 fish. I need to take their picture while there are still 3, you know the life span of a fish whose life as our pet began in a plastic bag held in the fist of either a 3 or 6 year old, is quite unpredictable. Although so far, these guys look spunky. Festivals are always fun, but as soon as we arrived on Friday night, I was reminded how vastly different the definition of fun is for our kids vs. us, their parents. We just want to stand around, talk with people, enjoy a beer. The kids...they want to ride rides, spend money, play games, spend money, eat crap, spend money and NOT stand next to us for even 4 quiet seconds to allow us to talk. It's a compromise you know.

Aside from that I have still been giving thought on and off to the Masters contest I entered at Memory Makers magazine. Those people clearly believe in torture as the first date listed to inform winners is 8/15, the last date to announce to the public is 8/22 and I now believe they are going to use every last hour they are entiteled to. Either make my year, or put me out of misery :) Pin It

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