Sunday, August 12, 2007

wedding photos

Well, I did it. I took my stepsister's wedding photos yesterday. And I have never been SO relieved to see beautiful pics in all my life. I felt good about it yesterday, although hats off to those who do this professionally, it was hot and hard work...but you just never know what they will be like, full size, on a computer screen, not the dinky camera screen. It helped that she is very photogenic and the Honeymoon mansion, Bed and Breakfast, was picturesque as well. I will share more as the days go on. I have edited a bunch today and am trying to make the CD. I particularly love the veil, and those are lace gloves next to it. I am super proud that I got the exposure right. After I took that, I learned her mother had made both which made it that much more special. Congrats to Mary and Dave!!
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Carla said...

those are fab!! good work here. i'm guessing you used the 50 mm? she will be so happy with these!!

Julie said...

The pictures are beautiful Tracy! I wish I was as photogenic as Mary!

Barbara Wegley Anderson said...

Hi Tracy:

Your blog is great and the pictures as well. Thank you again for your hard work on such a hot, humid day. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Barbara Wegley Anderson