Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jimmy Buffett

Two weeks ago, we went to his concert here in town. It is a BIG deal in Cincinnati, and our friend waited in line and got tickets, right before they sold out, which was like 2 minutes after she bought ours, which was like 10:10 am. Anyway, our friends are HUGE fans. I think he said he has like 326 JB songs in his Ipod playlist. Who knew he even had that many songs?!

So, it was fun. I had not been in well over 10 years, and the Parrotheads are out in full force. It's like a see all kinds. You can see a guy behind us, with an actual parrot head on his head. Trust me, these folks are serious!
The guy who parked next to us, Joel, had bought tickets from an online scalper for $300 each, for the Pavillion, where you have an actual assigned seat. We had lawn seats, festival seating. Well, Joel's friend backed out so he had an extra ticket...that he was not trying to sell, which we could not figure out. We finally convinced my friend, the HUGE fan, to just ask him in the beer line if she could sit with him. There was a lot of joking about showing her b**bs, but I suggested saving that as a last resort, and if at all possible, for after it got dark! Not saying anything about her in particular, but those are just a few rules I try to live by! I am smart like that. He said yes, she remained clothed, and enjoyed about 80% of the show from row 3. Happy Day.
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