Saturday, September 15, 2007

fewer posts

yet more creating and cooking going on behind the scenes. I save all my pics into Picasa by Google, and for some reason, all week, it is not allowing me to share those directly from there to here--which is much simpler and quicker. Ah well, love technology when it works for me; not so much when it defies me.

I am trying so hard to eat well, and eat less overall and snack less. Instead, it has created an obsession of thinking of little else but food, and when I can eat next. Drat. I have a 20 year HS reunion coming up and I'd love to attend with less spectacular love handles.

I made a few new recipes for dinner. The rice took much longer to cook, and was just mediocre so no sense sharing that recipe. I made Rachael Ray's Turkey Croquettes which I have linked to the side, and those are good, a bit labor intensive though.
I also made the caramel apple recipe shown here . Yum. Olivia licked one beater and then moved on to a spoon, ending by declaring she wanted that on her next birthday cake (which is not until July by the way). If you were to put caramel icing on a cake or cupcake, what kind would you choose? Chocolate, pumpkin muffins? Looking for a good fit.

I made a few new digi layouts this week too. The one of Shelby is made from the "Goodbye to Summer" kit at The one of Kacie was actually a template which is pretty darned cool, eh? Those digi papers are from MDM too.
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