Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a fun surprise

I was just reading through the 9/14 weekly digest on Erin Lincoln's blog at Creating Keepsakes and saw a note about "inverse scallops" and thought that sounded cool. Imagine my surprise when I clicked and my layout opened up!! The pink one of Kacie shown right below. Yea, me! Wish those people would just go on and call me up and ask to publish some of my pages :)

Here it is: link.

I have been really working on cleaning and purging over here. I know 2 hours a day to myself (or yourself) may not seem like much, but to a stay at home mom, who after 6 years has found herself alone a few days a week, man it is like the jackpot. Funny though, I really miss my girls. Today Shelby was in a carpool for the first time, and honestly, I was a bit sad not to be the one to pick her up AND it made the morning feel so long. She did great, it is me with the growing pains, eh? But during that time, I walked for 20 minutes ( I did that yesterday too--me time=good thing), dropped off another stack of stuff to St. Vincent De Paul, and swept and mopped all my downstairs floors. Unheard of accomplishments for me! Pin It

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