Wednesday, September 5, 2007

missing this girl

This was early Sunday morning. I can actually see a trace of her not feeling well but at this moment, she was laughing and full of energy. Beginning Sunday night, she has had a really high fever...over 102 almost around the clock. The ped checked her out yesterday and there is nothing obvious like an ear infection or strep, and I can see all the telltale signs of her PFAPA, including mouth sores this time which are new for her. I guess I got cocky on my previous post and had to be reminded what a gift a healthy child is. This WILL pass, but in the meantime, my heart is breaking over this very sick baby. This is the 4th day of a fever, when left untreated, typically they resolve in about 5. Cross your fingers. And no magic potion this go around b/c we just gave it last week. That must have only interrupted the cycle, not broken it. That happened once before. Oh, and the saddest...she missed meet the teacher day at her pre-school today. She is too sick to care but I am disappointed. She will have to march in next week like she owns the place!
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