Wednesday, September 26, 2007

we're a puzzle

Last night, while in my bed (I know, BAD habit to start) Shelby said: Look Mom, we are a puzzle.
See, often before she nods off, she will ask me to hold her hand and even though I am breaking some cardinal rule by allowing her to fall asleep in our bed, and then later move her to her own, dangit it is sweet! So we are holding hands, and she says that: we are a puzzle. We had just done three, 24 piece puzzles, about 10 times. She is way into a puzzle phase and our hands intertwined reminded her of how the pieces of a puzzle go together. Dangit, it IS sweet, right? And a metaphor for life too. Really, think deep. Pin It

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

OH my goodness that is just way to precious! You sooo need to do a layout of that. Even if you have to 'stage' a photo! :)

Ps I found your blog from Jessica Sprague's blog (I always wonder where people wander in from) lol