Thursday, September 27, 2007

what a rainy day

We are so not used to this kind of weather, it was an all out soaker this morning for both the bus stop and then pre school drop off. We are having a serious drought here in Ohio, and unseasonably high temps, it has been 90 this week. It's been awhile since I had to contend with jackets, umbrellas, puddles, back packs...all at once. But after I dropped the last of my passengers off, I was headed to do errands when the start of one of my favorite songs came on the radio: Add It Up by the Violent Femmes. Right after that, I stopped to get gas (in the rain) and when I got back in, another classic was beginning: Yaz's Don't Go. Not many Yaz fans in the world, and you very rarely hear them on the radio. It certainly put me in a good mood, and kept me moving on this blah day. I am also inspired to tackle adding tunes to my MP3. Remember, the Sansa I used to love? Well that thing has become a real pain. I downloaded 200+ songs during my 3 months free at Rhapsody courtesy of Best Buy only apparently the joke is on me (and many others I have found via the internet) b/c when my 3 months expired, so did the songs. It took me a whole day of online research to clear them all from the player, and now slowly I am trying to add back some music. And apparently a secondary trouble spot is that when you clear everything out, the mp3 player really doesn't know how to re-organize itself. So I have about 15 songs on there now, I cannot create a playlist (yet?!) and it is not even organizing them correctly by Artist. It lists the Dixie Chicks 3x's and I only have 5 total songs by them in there. Very frustrating. If I had unlimited time, which I don't, I still would not choose to spend it doing this. But in the end, music is a good thing and I need some tunes if I am going to continue walking and getting fit! Pin It

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