Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a found treasure

Being a scrapbooker, I have pretty much documented or at least saved, all the details (plus some!) of my kids lives. So imagine how distressed I have been for the past 4-5 years, to not be able to find the first year calendar I kept, quite meticulously, for my oldest daughter who is now 6. During this time, I have done at least a half dozen extensive searches in all the most likely places. Well today, I hunkered down to begin clearing out only the bottom, of my office closet. That resulted in a huge bag of garbage, a full size garbage can full of junk, a 1/2 car load for donation and then in the very bottom corner, this tiny box with no lid. Sitting right on top...that calendar. And below, the sign from her bassinet at the hospital, my bracelet and hers from there, and just so many sweet treasures. One of the best surprises, I printed out a bunch of emails that I received the day before my scheduled c-section...which actually got postponed by a week...and when I sent an email to update people on that, I got so many well wishes in return. I cannot believe I printed them...and found them. The faucet immediately turned on and I have been weepy since. Feeling pretty grateful right about now.
Although, how in the world did I accumulate so much schit?! This closet is about as big as a minute. I had stuff stacked on top of stuff. tackle the two upper shelves and then consult with my handyman/father in law for some shelf installation. I am really trying to stay on task about de-cluttering this house...and it ain't no small task... Pin It

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