Monday, October 1, 2007

shaw's farm and other stuff..

First, I am so annoyed with Picasa and it losing the ability to upload my pics directly to blogger. It keeps saying I am not connected to the internet, and a'hem, I am!

So I have to do it the longer, harder way. But these are worth it:

I love this one with my niece Kacie hodling Shelby's hand and their shadows are visible in front of them. That was just a happy accident.
And then this one. Dang, I do not even particularly like animals but this clearly is how you become a pet see a puppy (or about 8 of them) this stinking cute! The Basset Hounds puppies were for sale at the pumpkin farm. They were not so cute that I forgot that they will still poop and pee (which read below, I have my share of) and that I do not have a fenced yard. My girls were beyond enamored with them. Oh, did I mention the price tag? $450!

Olivia is at another big farm today, in KY, with her class for a field trip. I sent her in shorts and a t shirt b/c yesterday was about 85, and they called for the same thing today. Instead, it has been barely 65 and we had one big rain shower here. I am beside myself that she is wet, freezing, and has her first Brownie meeting directly after school.

Shelby is watching Barbie as the Island Princess, a DVD she earned by pooping 5x's in a row in the potty. Too bad all that concentration seems to have resulted in more tinkle in the pants accidents! She needs to figure this a female...she must multi-task!
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