Sunday, November 25, 2007


but hard to contain! I actually got a few group shots, these two being the best (I think?!) which I figured to be impossible. Of course, one of my own children was the worst behaved...but she shaped up towards the end. Anyway, I tried to break it down into smaller groups, and some individual shots too, in hopes of making a collage for my mother in law for Christmas. That is still my plan. I got so many good ones though, I am especially enamoured with the dazzling blue eyes. I love my girls, and their brown eyes, but I see those all the time. A perfect catchlight in a blue eye just makes my heart skip a, photography geek, beat. These are the cousins/grandchildren from my husband's side of the family. Good looking bunch, I must say.

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Carla said...

wow, these are AWESOME! love the one of your niece on the bed, and the two boys. did i see that you snuck a piece of furniture out into the yard? YOU GO GIRL!! the group shot is great! are you doing all of this with the kit lens?!?