Monday, November 19, 2007

dancing with the stars

Confession: I am so into this show!

And my kids are too, they break into dance just as soon as it starts, and them mimicking the techniques is hilarious. Olivia is all about people sliding on the ground, especially between their partner's legs, so when I dance with them (c'mon, I do--I am a good mom!) she attempts that. Good fun. I actually would like to take her when the tour comes to town, but the cheapest ticket is about $60. If there is a rich philanthropist reading this, or someone with a box at US Bank Arena, call me!
Shelby, her dancing is coming along as well but the funniest thing she's got going is the way she says: Carrie Ann Anarbor (could not find the correct spelling of that on line). She sounds dead on the announcer. Honestly, if I were not so lazy, I'd fire up the video camera and get her saying it next to the TV while the show is on b/c it is THAT funny.

Confession: I actually voted last week and tonight!
Today I gave 3 votes to Helio and Julianne, and 2 to Jennie Garth. Pin It

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