Thursday, November 8, 2007

food finds

Nothing revolutionary here, but some good stuff. First, two weeks ago I tried one of those "roast in a bag" deals. You buy a seasoning packet that includes this oven safe bag and you (or me) add the meat and veggies. I am not a roast lover but it was decent, and Dave did like it. So that led me to try the chicken in the bag last night. Ok, now this was GOOD. Like a hot, rotisserie chicken right in my own home. I did not add the veggies this time, b/c they got too saturated with the sauce in the prior cooking bag attempt. I used the Kroger brand and it was really delicious.

Next, and I don't want to know the fat content, but the soup on the Kroger salad bar is darned good. I have gotten two kinds during my weekly pilgrimage for groceries. Last week: cream of broccoli. This week: cream of potato. Both, totally tasty (the whole cream in the name thing is a sure sign). Which is saying a lot b/c I am not even a soup eater. Or I wasn't. Apparently I am converting. I also recently ate the Healthy Choice Chicken Tortilla soup and I liked that too. If I could get past soup coming from a can, I'd probably open up a whole new world for my tastebuds.

Moving on to sweets...have you ever made the Hershey Hugs and Pretzels with an MM on top? We have been making these the past few Christmases and they are so delicious for something so easy. And now, I happened on something that sounds even more delectable...same idea but you use a Rollo and then add a pecan on top to make a psuedo turtle candy. I am SO doing this. (Scroll down on the Becky Higgins blog to see a photo of these candies).

Today I have felt rotten all day. Slight fever and a sore throat but now I am hungry after so much food talk. I might have to raid the Halloween candy... Pin It

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Carla said...

you are a food maven.