Saturday, November 10, 2007

an official brownie

Olivia had her investiture ceremony for Brownies earlier this week. She is the 5th over from the left, fingers in the air, saying her little pledge. Cute! She is all about getting the blue shirt now to complete her ensemble. She has the brown skort, which is actually a welcome change twice per month, from her plaid school uniform. Only a uniform wearing kid would think that, huh? I do have one shout out for the Girls Scouts, they are such a big organization, why must the uniforms be made from the worst ever cotton fabric? It is close to burlap, I tell ya. I am shocked my Miss Picky will even wear it.

And in other Catholic school news...we attended the school pizza party last night. We went last year, and were in the car within an hour. This year, 2+ hours later, we left. You see, someone had gotten entertainment in the form of DJ Bill from Minnesota. Read the reviews. He was so much fun, like a wedding reception DJ but really geared to get the kids moving...and he had tricks to draw the parents out too...breaking my cardinal rule of no dancing in the daylight (or in the well lit cafeteria of your child's school!). Now that I see his online schedule, I am very unsure how he ended up at our small school, for two short hours. I am quite sure there is no budget for him. I cannot wait to find out the story. And the people who missed out on free pizza this year, missed out on more. I left thoroughly impressed. And my Olivia, she danced her heart out! One thing we did learn is that our kids need more exposure to mainstream music! He played a lot of songs from Shrek and other movies, and he'd scream: what movie is this from? and the kids were scream back the reply. Olivia might as well have been in Timbuktu! I did laugh pretty hard watching all these very young kids, screaming the lyrics to "I'm A Believer". And I am laughing harder right this minute as a I realize the double meaning of that particular dance shouting I'm A Believer. Pretty darned genius.
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