Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the $200 mini christmas tree

This is the teacher's gift for Olivia's teacher. I got this adorable tree at Trader Joe's (totally my new Holiday go-to place!) for $10 and managed to keep it alive and green for a whole week. It came with that decorative spray in it so....with my all my craftiness...I used big glue dots to adhere each of those gift cards to the wire stem below each star and I replaced the area where it called for a photo, with a stamped: to and from. Let me just say, the parents were generous b/c the gift card total is approximately $200 and I also got things for the kids to use at recess too. I feel a little relief now that this is done, and will feel the ultimate sigh when the class party is complete tomorrow. Right now, I am just sweating the details of how to carry all this stuff into school!
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