Sunday, December 16, 2007


Holiday food! Admittedly, I am an appetizer junkie. It is my favorite type of food so this time of year is certainly a favorite of mine for parties featuring yummy snacks. Each year I attend a very fun gathering, girls only, on the first Friday of December. I think we have been doing it for 8-9 years. We bring a $15 exchange gift, and that, and the food, is the highlight of the night. Although this year, our hostess Colleen, featured a Christmas Cocktail...also delicious. I already bought vodka to make these again on Christmas!

Back to the food...the girls are always bringing terrific things to eat. This year, there was a stellar toffee topped with chocolate...I need to get that recipe. And plenty of others. But the funniest, is this picture of me looking like a total food geek holding my cheeseball (the cheeseball is on the platter, I am holding it, just to clarify!) which had been food styled into a christmas package. I saw the idea in a kids magazine and decided to give it a try. Well, as I am learning, food stylists create these things that are photographed, and the average homemaker is only going to come so close in the replication of the item.

My grip on the platter is especially funny to me, but I was really just trying to keep the crackers from sliding off of it, not pose like one of the Price as Right girls!

On today's agenda is a Holiday Open House. You know I will be there with bells on, plate in hand!!

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