Monday, December 10, 2007

there she is..

Miss Shelby...on Santa's lap! I think I have one, or two, screaming photos from the past. One, on his lap but leaping off. One, perhaps with her in the vicinity of Santa (but not even sure if I have a photo of that, or it is in my memory). Last year, pretty sure she would not even go near him. Saturday? She waltzed right up there and said she wanted a: real chicky, puppy books, a real dog (only b/c Olivia said that which is a BIG problem) and the Island Princess.
And if you are reading this and saying something like: I will never dress my kids alike. You are full of it! You will do it just as long as they agree...just like me.
Oh, and about this picture. This is the ultimate display of laziness...a picture of a picture in a frame. Sorry!
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