Friday, December 21, 2007

two pages

I did one last week, and one yesterday too. I am definitely, a MUCH faster digital scrapper, and that is what these two pages are. I do print mine though, which keeps me firmly in the more traditional camp, I suppose. I want them in the albums alongside my paper pages, so they will be seen, especially in the future. I am afraid that if they remain on a computer or disk, no one will see them, especially not the people I make them family. Let's be honest, my computer is close to the bursting point right now, no one else would ever be able to find one thing of value on my hard drive or external hard drive, unless they had a computer science degree and had co-oped as a CIA operative!

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Elizabeth said...

gorgeous pages!! I am way impressed.. as I have no clue how to digi scrap. I have no patience. either that or I just need the hands on approach.
good for you for printing them and adding them to the books.

april said...

just popping in to say thank you for what you posted on Lisa Russo's blog!