Sunday, December 23, 2007

the list

If you are on it, you are lucky. My sweet girl wrote out this list before her shopping expedition at the Dollar Tree. That is our 3rd year for this tradition....she does all her Holiday shopping in one day, at one place, for one price. She puts a lot of thought into her selections too and finds some real gems. This year, Dave went along and Shelby too, neither of them seemed to quite grasp it like Olivia and I do! Shelby came home with two gifts: one for her MaMa, and one for her Dad. She handled many other things, and asked to buy several things, for Papa in particular. Those ideas included a Dragon Tales book and CD, a sheet of Princess stickers and something else that escapes me. Seems what makes her happy was to be a one size fits all approach. Next year might be better for her.
Back to Olivia though. She came home and after dinner, wrapped each one of her 10 gifts (turned out to be 11, she had to buy Aunt Kelly's cats a gift too) with so much care and thoughtfulness. If she knows your favorite color, your bow is that color. If you rate really high on the list, you got a special gift tag that she cut from the Little Debbie treats boxes. Each detail has so much meaning to her. She is really into giving. In fact, she wants to write a story about Santa being a giver. I could soak her sweetness up with a biscuit :)
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