Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a little scarce this week

The weekend had me busy scrapbooking, and I hope to share some of my "paper" pages soon, once I photograph them.

On Monday, I learned at a family member had been killed in a car accident. Very sad and tragic, and that has preoccupied me all week. I have been a bit estranged from that part of my family, which makes the whole thing heavier, if that is even possible. Tomorrow I will attend the services and I nervously anticipate it for many reasons. It is never easy to attend those kinds of things, yet I do it b/c it is the right thing and will mean so much to those more personally affected. I have been pretty much at a loss of how to bridge the gap that exists in these relationships, if I can, if I really want to...and just now I saw a cool thing on Becky Higgins blog:

So I'll leave you today with a thought: Are you upset with someone? (Don't tell me. It's just a rhetorical question.) Take a load off your shoulders and let go of unkind feelings. Just love that person. Life is too short.

I think this is good advice. I want follow it. I also loved the cool photo display right above this quote, check it out. Pin It

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