Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coco Key

Coco Key is a local hotel waterpark. We went Friday night, overnight, and then enjoyed the activities for 2 more hours today before checkout. It was really fun. Big, but a manageable size for my girls. Olivia is still about 2 inches shy of being able to ride the big slides, but she was OK with that. Today, Shelby really got her groove on and was zooming on the ones geared for 48" and under. She is a water girl. My girls LOVE hotel rooms. That would be thrill enough for them, and if they know people in some of the neighboring rooms, even better. Of course, it's the good life when you are eating Doritos in bed at 9pm. And as you can see, Olivia brought all the comforts of home along and left me with that 9'" wide space! I, unfortunately, got diagnosed with strep throat yesterday morning so although I have taken an antibiotic, I am sorta limping along. I had a good time and just hope I did not infect anyone else while there. When you are the Mom, you just have to keep on, keeping on. Today I crashed when I got home and feel better, although eating any kind of substantial food just plain hurts my throat.
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This is a test, this is only a test. If you press that arrow, and see a video of Shelby under a very noisy waterfall, than this is a success! I have had my "small" sony camera for a few years and by mistake last week, took my first video and darn if it is not fun! I am so not a video cam person so this may work for me. Now I need to figure out how to preserve these somewhere besides my computer? I do not have a DVD burner so I think this gets added to the pro side of the reasons why I need a new computer.

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