Thursday, January 10, 2008


Public Service Announcment.
Did you know if you go into your local Sears store and use their computer to place Land's End orders, that you never pay shipping?! I am so sad to learn this now.......after Christmas! After years of ordering! I was so impressed there today. Very easy to return two Christmas gifts, very nicely arranged "store" inside the Sears store and HUGE sales! Plus, the petite pants were short enough for me, even better deal!

Later in the day, I lived one of my worst fears (for the second time this year actually). I was going to pick Olivia up after school and got caught in a traffic jam due to an accident. And when I turned around and took another route, that was congested as well, due to everyone trying the same thing. It ended well but my armpits were sweating profusely. To make it worse, she was there for an after school program, so I could not call the school office. Time to load some helpful cell phone numbers into my decrepit cell phone, of which I know how to use VERY few features. Pin It

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