Monday, January 7, 2008

horseback riding lessons

***photo disclaimer*** this is a very dark ring, and my poor tiny point and shoot

Meet Ruby the pony and her very able rider, Olivia! Olivia has completed two riding lessons as of Saturday and is doing really well. I am enjoying watching her, and being around the horses, the barn, the overall has been a long time. And you really have to love it, b/c it has been darned cold at 9am! On this past Saturday, she did not even used the lunge line, just trotted around the perimeter of the riding ring on her own. I hope not to jinx this but Olivia is a natural. More confident doing this than most anything she has tried. She has done so well that the instructor said next week, she is upgrading to a horse!
And on a funny note. Horseback riding is a costly hobby. For example, the helmet alone was $50. Funny how I plunk down the fee for the lessons for a month, drive about 2 miles, purchase the helmet and later buy boots too. All b/c it is making Olivia so happy. All the while thinking of what else I can give up to make this possible. Just today I had to laugh how I have not owned a bottle of perfume since before I had kids. Right now, there is just no way to justify $50 for that. And I am OK with that. Being a mom is just crazy like that.
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