Saturday, February 2, 2008

the masterpiece

Here it is: the first grade classroom project. My daughter's school has a Grand Event Fundraiser in the spring, last year was the first one, and they raised around $30K for the PTO. One of their big sellers/moneymakers were the projects created by each grade level, that sold at a silent auction. Last year, each class made the same item, a painted plant stand with in laid tiles. This year, each class chose their own project. Both me, and my partner parent on this task, had seen these large photo frames at retailers, she actually has one in her home. It measures about 24x24 and the black part is actually recessed, and the square photo is raised and mounted inside. Pretty cool. Most simply have a quote printed across the whole thing, however, we needed to incorporate 62 of something (that is the number of first graders) so we went with suns. After 3 separate time slots in each classroom, encouraging kids to color their square entirely and to use glitter glue sparingly, we moved on to attaching them w/ decopouge. The arrangement is not perfect but it is afterall, a kids project. The frame was built entirely by my partner's husband, and he did a great job. Currently, I am just happy it is complete but I have already looked around a bit and might create my own in the future. Check out the cool ones here on etsy.
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