Wednesday, February 6, 2008

more...for the horsey set

Olivia has had 4 lessons, she has ridden Ruby the Pony 3 times, and Dream, a horse, just once. She is definitely more confident on the pony. Actually, once she is riding, she does well regardless but grooming and walking the big horse is intimidating. Honestly, on those cold Saturday mornings, both the horse and pony variety have shown signs of being ornery! All that aside, I am proud of her!
I used a template to make this, I wish I could say it went quickly but I have some technical things (I think) going on here costing me major amounts of time. First, does anyone else have issues with Picasa and PhotoShop open at the same time. This seems to drag my system down (best case) or freeze it up (worst case). Not sure if this is entirely due to the fact I need a new computer, or if it just plain happens with all these large files going at once. This digi kit was also B I G, and I think that made things slower too. I am also open to, begging for, recommendations on what exactly to get in a Desktop upgrade. I will keep my monitor and printer so I just need a tower. Thoughts?!
Most everything used here was from freebies, the ikea goddess blog remains my top visit of the day. So much stuff to download, so little time, so little oomph left in the 'ol 'puter.
Ok, it is storming here AGAIN. It has rained for days and we have had tons of wind and such too. It is freakishly warm, high 50's which is just fueling things. They predicted things could get dicey again around 2-3 p, exactly when I get O from school. And it is. Ugh. Last night, the sirens even went off. The TV said only a thunderstorm warning, not tornado, so we did not move to the basement. I am wholly against that sounding unless it is the real thing!!
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