Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

Not sure what even sparked my memory about this kid's cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld but I reserved it at the library and picked it up a few days ago. Interesting stuff. The main gist is to puree fruits and veggies and then add them, sneak them in, to regularly served foods. Like muffins, pancakes, chicken nuggets, meatloaf etc. I will admit to being intrigued, but also lazy. So today, I bought 3 jars of baby food, after all it is pureed fruits and veggies, right?! I made peanut butter banana muffins which included one jar of carrots, and I used an over ripe banana for my 1/2 cup of puree. The darned things are delicious. Well, I think they are. As excited as both girls were to try a muffin/cupcake; neither liked them. Not one bit. So apparently, I am deceiving no one but myself b/c I ate 3! Over the course of the day if that makes it any better. I froze them two at a time in baggies and will eat them for breakfast. I will probably copy a few of the recipes but mostly just try to remember to dump some of that stuff into items that might properly disguise spaghetti sauce.
On the topic of just plain delicious, I made a recipe called "easy cordon bleu" tonight and it was terrific. The recipe I followed was very much like this, but it called for cream of chicken soup instead of the cheddar cheese soup in this one. Pin It

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