Friday, March 7, 2008

the warholizer

Pretty cool digi goodness from Big Huge Labs. I wish that lower blue block showed her face a little better b/c I think it would be very cool framed and hung on a wall, BIG. Add that to my list of things to actually do, not just think about doing.

Crazy amount of snow here, we actually have a Blizzard warning for the overnight. That, coupled with the 4-5" we got earlier, and below freezing temps, has us at home instead of at the Broadway edition of High School Musical. Only Olivia and I had tix, so I just could not muster up the nerve to take such a chance driving downtown, just the two of us. She is pretty disappointed, and I am too especially about forfeiting the money for the tix. Everything else in the city, EVERYTHING, is closed due to weather. Even the other shows or events at the venue are closed, all but that one. Oh well.

We still have a busy weekend ahead so I hope things clear out early enough tomorrow to allow us to do those things.
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