Saturday, April 12, 2008

song leader

I think this is the most thrilling thing to have happened to my girl so far...being chosen to sing in church! It has been a happy week for her, knowing she was about to do this. So fun. Makes me proud too. On a little sidenote, today she filled out a list of questions b/c next week she is "Student of the Week" and one was: what is your favorite thing about school? Her answers:
Gym Class
I love that!! A well rounded response, I think.
And...I have read endlessly about turning off your flash at school functions like this b/c otherwise, you are lighting up the heads just in front of you and nothing else. I finally did that and it worked! Granted, these are not perfection but it was far less distracting not to be flashing and, I still got a nice bright exposure, a little grainy but it worked. Making myself proud for applying the load of photography stuff I read!
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