Thursday, May 29, 2008

a major outdoor renovation



So, it was time for a new fence. Honestly, it was probably always time for a new fence based soley on the fact that the old one was ugly, but now it was rotten too. so the BIG investment was made. Last week, Dave, along with the help of friends, neighbors and a ton of work from his Dad, put this beauty up. It is completely finished as of today.
It has changed how the whole house and yard look. For the better. I almost feel at peace about the pricetag! Well, maybe not that good.
I need to take a few more photos of the deck side, b/c it looks a little different than the "higher" sides shown. So many people have commented on it and a few also ask if we will miss the privacy. No. The other houses are pretty far from us and the one above us could always see over anyway.
I am looking forward to some warm weather to heat up the pool so we can get out there and begin enjoying it.
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