Sunday, May 25, 2008

photoshop actions and the army

Kacie asked me to take some photos of her and Craig (her b-friend who is currently in bootcamp but will be deployed to Iraq in June) and I never pass up an opportunity to photograph real live volunteers. Could I have been any happier to see him in his full outfit, er uniform?!

So, I believe I got some great stuff. Made even better by my new fav actions from Pioneer Woman. The above of "before and afters" or actually "afters and befores". SOOC means straight out of the camera.

Pretty darned fitting for the Holiday weekend too. Love that. And we found this flag hanging on a neighbor's front porch and Kacie and Craig were a tad embarassed but I said I was sure the homeowner would be flattered. Out she came, with tears in her eyes, shook his hand, thanked him and said it was an honor for them to stand by her flag. Loved that the most.

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