Friday, May 23, 2008

they're here

The cicadas. Today they started coming out of the ground, in droves. Bleck. I remember 17 years ago when they were just everywhere and staying indoors ALOT. Now, I happen to live in area that is predicted to be "hardest hit". Yea, cannot wait for that. These were taken in my front flower bed and the gloved Michael Jackson shot, is my neighbor, Jeff. For now the kids are intrigued. I bet once those critters start flying about and becoming a real nuisance, we'll all be inside! If you don't know about cicadas, but want to, try this.

My little Olivia has been sick :( She started "shrowing up" (as her sister would say) right during the final 15 minutes of the American Idol finale. It was hard holding her hair back out of the toilet when I could hear my true love, David Cook, singing a few feet away! I wished I could be two places at once. She's a tough one though, we made it back out to see the last couple of minutes. She had a very loooooong night on Wednesday and had to miss Field Day at school which caused near hysterics a few times during the day. Girl, hates to miss a thing! Here is the cutest thing though, at 7pm last night she says:
Have I even ate breakfast, lunch or dinner today? and I say, No you have not eaten a thing yet. she says, I'd like pancakes.

Normally, I'd be moaning and groaning and very unlikely to make pancakes at that hour but under these circumstances, it actually made me smile. She is still peaked today and not full of much energy but she is getting better.
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