Tuesday, May 20, 2008

an incredible story

Read this story and try not to poke around more on that blog for details. A double miracle, for sure!
I think that complicated pregnancies, and preemies, will always fascinate, amaze and sometimes sadden me, given my history. It will be 8 years this weekend that I had my own three tiny, amazing and sadly, too early preemies at 23w6d. When I read about this little miracle above, it brings back so many memories. One of our babies, Max, weighed 1lb 7oz, and in his short life, a good handful of doctors and nurses would comment on how "big" he was considering his gestational age and that he was one of three in there fighting for space and food! I thought they had lost their minds entirely but you know, I guess he was a big guy in his own right. His sisters were tinier.
Anyway, I speak openly about my babies, yet my two daughters do not know of them. I am not sure when the time will be right and how they will ever understand that there were babies before them. I think they need to be much older. In the meantime, I know that my experience, the saddest weeks of my life, ultimately brought me my two precious gifts. Certainly I wish I had not walked that road but I would again b/c I really wanted to be a Mom. And now I am. I was 8 years ago too, just with a big hole in my heart. Surviving that part of my life is one thing I am proud of. Pin It

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