Monday, June 9, 2008

where has the time gone?

It's not that I try not to say that on here but I just realized a week (nearly) has gone by since I posted. A lot of that time has been spent close to the pool, sometimes in the pool, other times hanging over the pool...plucking this one out of the water. She has the desire to swim. And most of that time is spent underwater. It seems yesterday she must have ingested ALOT of pool water though...let's just leave it at this: what goes in, must come out...alerting me to the fact I need to watch her even closer. If that is possible?! Today she actually was able to retrieve dive toys out of the shallow end of our pool, that's how great she is doing. And did I mention she is motivated to swim, swim and swim some more?!

We are also adjusting to our new summer vacation lifestyle. More on some of what is keeping us busy, organized and motivated to be on good behavior!
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