Wednesday, July 16, 2008

favorite things

right now, a short list of what I am enjoying:

Soyaki Sauce from Trader Joe's--We have had this twice for dinner in the past week. I marinate chicken breasts in it for about 1-2 hours and then grill. I have served it with Rice A Roni Rice Pilaf and right now this, is my fav meal!!! The flavor is just excellent.

Indoor S'mores--I made this on Sunday and everyone loved them. Extra good news: they were OK for my peanut allergic niece. (scroll down on that blog for the recipe)

Jennifer Weiner books--Just read my last one; In Her Shoes. Just as good as all the others.

Birthday gifts--My kids got some good ones. Honestly, to celebrate two kid Birthdays at once is like Christmas. TONS of stuff. Olivia is really enjoying some new DS Games. Shelby got a new Clifford game for the Leapster, a Horseland stable, and a new horse. Lots of other goods too but these are big hits.

Dinner with girlfriends--Last night I had dinner with my High School girlfriends and there are not many things better than laughing, supporting, crying, eating and drinking with that group. The hostess outdid herself with the menu. I hope to share one or two of those. Yum-o! Pin It

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