Friday, July 18, 2008


super fun sprinkler girl to...

MAJOR fat lip baby :(
Shelby took a major tumble on the driveway. I saw her go down, face first and her head literally bounced back off the ground. I still could burst into tears any minute just thinking of it. She fell so fast, she did not even get her hands down to break the fall. The full impact was on the face, focused mostly on the lip, gums and one front tooth. Hoping for the best on that last part. ** I just checked her back out and I am pretty sure that tooth is moving around a bit. Now I have a whole new pit in my stomach.
Olivia is being so kind to her which makes it a little easier to take. They are both laying in my bed and Olivia is not only letting her watch her play the Nintendo DS, she has even let her do it!
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