Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the last of them

There are many more for me to share with this family, but the last of them are on here now! Each day I liked and appreciated new photos as I edited them, so I am glad it was a couple day process.

We went to the local farm today for corn on the cob. Got that. Also got tomatoes (cherry and enormous), peaches and new potatoes. The corn was like eating candy, so delicious. I only boiled the potatoes and added butter, salt and pepper. Yummy too. But with my two spare ears of corn I decided to dig out this recipe:
ok, foo. Google is not letting me cut and paste the recipe so I will briefly describe it, and add it later.
Tomato Corn Salsa.
It calls for grilled corn but I just used the two I had boiled. A bit of evoo, white wine vinegar and my totally cheating spices from Trader Joe's: garlic and basil. (It called for fresh spices but these worked excellently) I am so glad I remembered I had those on hand. I am having a slight love affair recently from my TJ's goodness. I saw there is a cookbook and clearly, I need it. (Again, I was going to cut and paste a book photo, yet Google is just beating me up tonight.)
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