Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have so many things I want to do, and instead, I feel like I am going in circles! I did this today b/c it was just one of those pictures that leapt off the monitor at me. July is so busy with their Bdays but somehow I manage another "moments" layout vs. a "milestone" one! In looking back over my scrapbooks, I find I enjoy those most though.
Sunday, my nephew and his friends helped me to finally change around my desk in my office. It is a big monster desk w/a return, and just like Dave tried to tell me, the return had to come off in order to move it around safely. The boys did all that for me which forced me to clean A LOT of stuff out of here. I cannot say my paper scrapping days are over for good but I am now organizing things more as general crafts that I will use for gifts, cards, tags etc vs. how I used to organize so much by manufacturer in case I were to submit a page. I know those days are long gone...I have more than 20 digital layouts printed that need homes inside of scrabooks so I plan to buy 3 this week at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off and get those done too. At least then everything I have created will be safely and nicely stored. Right now, the desk return is reaching a wee bit too far into the room so I might also have to say goodbye to the industrial 6 ft folding table that is part of that work station now. I feel like I can live with something a lot more shallow since I pared down my paper scrapping stuff. The most exciting part of this re-do, and the real motivator, was so I had one, entire blank wall to decorate! I cannot wait to get my black shelf/ledge hung, a cork/inspiration board (that I can actually reach now!), all my "t" initials that I have been accumulating and pictures. Of course, pictures. I am also way into vinyl wall graphics right now so I want to get a cute tree or owl or something. And curtains! Right now I have blinds and ugly, white, exposed curtain rods. I got the 09 Ikea catalog so I want to start there for either pre-made curtains or fabric by the yard that I can use for those, and maybe something like this.
Another motivator to get things in tip top shape in here is that I am starting a new PT job very soon. I am going to work as a consultant to sell Outreach Programs for UC Clermont. It is just about the dream job for a stay at home mome: few hours per week, working hours during my girls' school hours, and a teacher's schedule of Aug-June. I hope I've "still got it" in ol' sales arena!!
Shelby begins soccer tomorrow and Dave has his first day as head coach!! Pin It

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