Thursday, July 24, 2008

a whole lot of nothing..

going on. Actually, a lot of good and laid back living, but in a good old fashioned way for these two. They have gotten tons of new stuff but they do alot of what you see here...setting up a fort in the hallway below our stairs...filled with horses and unicorns, and obstacles for the horses, or people who think they are jump. And quality sister time sharing sorta, your DS!

Shelby had her "kid" party on Tuesday at Chuck E Cheeses. A totally fun and worthwhile experience. I cannot believe this is the first time I have had a kid's party there b/c it was truly, low stress and low maintenance for me yet off the charts fun for all of them. And a good value too, if you can believe it.

Trying to get back in the mood to digi-scrapbook, I have tons of birthday stuff to document, along with boo-boos, milestones and maybe even a page or two about me, just to make sure they know I was behind the scenes (or camera, which is closer to the truth) too!
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