Thursday, August 14, 2008

technology reality

Managing this could be a full time job! So, my daughter has the Sansa shaker and wants the Grease soundtrack. I get that, and add it to my Ipod library. Well, those are MP4 files, her player needs MP3. After some trial and error, and largely due to the genious of Google, I found out how to convert the files from WMA, which they became in Windows Media Player, into MP3?! Do people have advanced degrees in this stuff? Is there a college course for it?
Next are two flash drives. One belongs to my Mom, the other my Mother in Law gave me so that we can easily share my photos between my computer and hers. My Mom's is for her digital photo frame, she wants current pics uploaded to that. I am so woefully behind on all of it, I cannot see straight. I'd love to get it all off my to-do list. I just need the gift of time...and fewer interruptions.
***Let me just add this...I won something! One of my layouts at Little Dreamer was chosen and I get an $8 gift certificate to spend there. Happiness!!!Posted by Picasa
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