Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a Nintendo DS addiction looks like

for a 4 year old! When Olivia returned to school last Thursday, Shelby and I had to negotiate a deal on Olivia's DS. Shelby was more and more drawn to using it and Olivia less and less thrilled with her messing it up--especially her Nintendogs game which is the new neighborhood rage. So...we (Shelby and I) agree to buy Shelby her own Nintendogs game (her Chiwalla, Fluffy) and Olivia says she can use the DS, during the school day, for $1 per week. I thought the attorney, I mean Olivia, was going to ask for $1 per day, and quite honestly I was prepared to pay it...until Santa delivers one to Miss S. ***late breaking news*** Shelby's cousin Kacie is prepared to lend her a DS indefinitely. Yea, Kacie!!!!
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Amy said...

I love this story. It made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Do you not see what you are enabling her to do? Not share, isolate herself, and close off from the real world at age 4! This is why so many people as adults need to seek professional mental health. Good luck raising these kids to be normal healthy adults. I fully see them plummeting in academic and social life skills.