Monday, August 25, 2008

the wall

I threw all caution to the wind tonight and just plunked down the first three things. I will build around them. It is supposed to be random, a collection of things I like. I have a fabulous wooden T made by my friend but I will enlist Dave to hang it b/c it's heavy and I use only a tiny finishing nail to balance things from.
I made the bulletin board after seeing this today: fun blog. There are all kinds of cool, easy things to make shown on there. I wanted to cover my little canvases in fabric anyway, and I am glad I gave this a go. I am going to cover one more in another fabric and hang it vertically somewhere else on the wall.
My stepbrother visited yesterday and referred to my office as a "nice space" which I thought was a high compliment coming from a male!
Off to round up the troops for the tub.
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