Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sticking to my plan

Get it?!! This is Shelby's sucker from yesterday that she tried to toss in the garbage bag in our car. Notice all the other gunk on the floor in there? I bet it has not been two weeks since I swept it out either. Lots of living going on in the Grand Caravan. Anyway, back to my plan. I am going strong on my "day in the life photos". Shelby is one good sport. Olivia, not so much. I even used the timer today to get one of me. And coerced Dave into taking another of me in the kitchen preparing one of a million meals I seem to prepare weekly :) Good insight into living, these pictures are. And I am really enjoying taking pics with my digi rebel, all on manual or manual-ish mode, with my 50 mm.
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