Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NEW 12x12 template (working a bit ahead of myself!)

I got a little excited about my general plan for this "week in the life" album. I am only supposed to be in the taking pictures stage but I decided to whip up a quick one page design, featuring one photo with text surrounding that photo. If you have PhotoShop you can download it here, and use it. My sample layout will probably make it into the album. These are kits and items I plan to use throughout the whole thing to keep it consistent, and as simple as possible. Admittedly, things are never really simple for me when it comes to PhotoShop but I'm getting there! Click on the above photos to see them larger...and be able to read my flyer. Also, if you use this in any fashion please let me know by linking it here on my blog, I'd certainly be thrilled. And a disclaimer, this is only my second template ever. I hope it is useful but if I have overlooked some key piece in the puzzle, please accept my apologies!
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