Tuesday, October 7, 2008

beginning to document my week in the life...

I may tweak this but for now, this is Day 1 of my week :) I created the righthand template and the left template is from Designer Digitals, a Patti Knox freebie. I will probably rotate this to change things up throughout the album. The primary kit I am using is: Sweet September by Jannylynn and Lliella. The overlay which is the very faint border on each side is from foxydesigns. The journal lines are from Weeds and Wildflowers. The date stamp is from Little Dreamer Designs.

I plan to make several pages that simply expand about things that became common in my picture taking such as errands I run/places I go, perhaps a page dedicated to each person in our family or at the very least, each child. Maybe a food page. And I definitely want to create an intro so I can remember the process, why I did it, etc.

Link me to your work if you participated in this. Also, I am now a huge flickr follower, so look for me there too.

Two separate heart stopping moments today. 1) My computer locks up and I cannot reboot, AT ALL. Somehow, that finally works out. 2) I go to email something directly from Picasa, and everything from my external hard drive is missing. I unplug, plug, re-plug and my computer is still not recognizing the HD. TERROR! This has all my photos (of which, some are backed up), all my digi kits, and most recently, all my day in the week photos. Instant indigestion. Finally, what works is unplugging and re-plugging the electrical outlet back in. So now Picasa is working super overtime, adding all those folders back in. Don't tell anyone, but there are 31000+ files in my external hard drive!

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