Friday, October 24, 2008

I kinda lost track of the days...

but I am back! This is something on my to-do list: a blog remodel. How cute is this stuff? I need to figure out how to install something like this. Of course, this one suits me perfectly b/c it is made by Krystal, whose stuff I always love ( and feature currently in my blog header, made expressly by moi!). And because I never really defined my good news, I will be a guest designer for her in November. I cannot wait to get my hot little hands on any new stuff that may come my way.
I had a busy, productive week at work, ending today with a Lunch N Learn that was well attended by many interactive attendees. Returning to work part-time has been truly great. I feel like it has rounded out my life perfectly. I am enjoying the challenge of selling, making new contacts and the new era of networking...alot of which can be done, is done, online. A tool I particulary like, and am trying to really expand my use of, is Linked In. You can view my profile here: I am always open to adding new contacts so send me a line if you are a member. Pin It

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Anonymous said...

totally love your header now!

I hope you just build on that and aren't considering a's adorable!