Saturday, October 25, 2008

super talented...

so check out this blog: Grosgrain. I found it a few months back and added it to my by google reader so I see the new updates every couple of days. I am thinking 1)this lady is incredibly talented, 2) she is way generous always giving this stuff away, 3) her kids are cute and really agreeable subjects, 4) she sets up her photos just beautifully too. I gotta admit I had been thinking, so when is she going to sell something, and it looks like that time has come. Yea for this mompreneur!
I went shopping today with my Mom and my niece, Kacie. For no reason but for fun. And it was. Love some of the stuff out there right now. Love yellow and grey together and always a fan of the greens. We hit the Old Navy Halloween sale, they had t-shirts for a $1 and all kinds of other good buys.
Tonight, the 4 of us are going on a Halloween walk with the Brownie Troop. Brrr!
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