Friday, November 14, 2008

my first thrift finds!

I do walk around when I drop off my own stuff for donation at the local St. Vincent DePaul but have never happened upon a treasure. Today I came armed with a list, at the top were wool sweaters for felting. I thought I had struck gold finding this enormous men's sweater at 100% cashmere. I mean, I actually do not know, but from what I have read on other thrifter's blogs, this is gold, so I found joy based on that. So, I got it for $2 b/c it had some moth holes. I got another 100% wool sweater for about $2 more and then this desk hutch. Sigh. It was sitting outside the front door as I walked in marked $12. I check it out, LOVE it for my office and go in only to find out that furniture is 50% off today. I did not even see the original $99.99 price tag until I loaded it in the car. It is so heavy, someone had to help me. I am so darned excited to clean it up and then spray paint it something fun, like orange, and then rough up the edges. I totally get the thrill of this thrifting business now! Hopefully, me and my meager sewing skills can also make someting of the sweaters. Are already washed and dried them. Now I am on the hunt for bright colors. This feels like yet another little I do not really have time for.
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Mrs. Incredible said...

Neat desk hutch. I love the homemade Pottery Barn look. Go for orange!