Sunday, December 7, 2008

and the winner is...

Melissa! Sorry for the one day delay but commenter #8 was picked in a very non-scientific way, out of a bowl with the numbers 1-8 written on paper. I sent you an email, please reply with your address and I will send it out.

If I get time later, I will upload a picture of my gift from exchange last night. Pretty sure it is going to be the basis for the class gift for Olivia's teacher too.

Once again our girls only party was so much fun. The best appetizer idea?! You can go to Chipotle with your own dish/bowl and ask them to fill it as a Burrito Bowl, and they will charge you based on the amount. So my friend brought what amounted to the price of two bowls, and we dipped in and ate it with chips. Yum-o! Pin It

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Melissa said...

yay thanks soooo much!!!