Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tag tree

Excuse the pics. I had to take them the same night I gave the gift and it was already pitch dark at 6pm. I am always inspired by the simple, striking tags on Nora Griffin's blog so some of these ideas are direct knock offs of hers. I also recently got a little package of tag bits and pieces from Nora in the mail--thanks Nora!
Anyway, I got this tree for under $10 at Kohls, added all the little tags and the top red, bird holder has a Starbucks card inside. LOVE that free packaging from Starbucks. Since making this, I have ordered two more trees from Kohls and I hope to use one for the teacher gift I am assembling for Olivia's teacher. I will have gift cards to fill it, and maybe a few tags will still be necessary.
I am working on quite a few homemade gifts that I really like and it is also OK if I am saving a few beans in the process, right? We are being faced with some more job insecurity so every bit helps, huh? If you can cross your fingers on my behalf, that would be good too.
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Mrs. Incredible said...

Cute idea! Fingers are crossed!

Kelly Gober said...

Fingers Crossed and Toes? I love the tree, we need to make some gifts for me to give at work.
Kelly :)

Carla said...

that is so cute. you always have the most clever ideas, and they never look as thrifty as they are! awesome. crossing fingers for you too... is this with regard to you or dave? we'll have to do dinner again soon so you can fill me in on things. btw, got your xmas card and it is adorable!